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Oracle GoldenGate Alternatives

The ten alternatives to Oracle GoldeGate that will be covered are Arcion, Qlik Replicate, Fivetran, Debezium, Striim, Hevo Data, Talend Data Integration, SharePlex, Informatica PowerCenter & InfoSphere.
Matt Tanner
November 25, 2022

Data Migration Plan: 7 Steps To Follow

When deciding on what to include in your data migration plan, you have to bear in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy, as every data set might be unique. In this blog, we listed 7 steps for you to follow to help you navigate any complicated data migration projects.
Matt Tanner
November 11, 2022

Oracle CDC (Change Data Capture) Everything You Need To Know

Oracle CDC, or Oracle Change Data Capture, is a technology that efficiently identifies data that has been added, updated, or removed from an Oracle database. In this definitive guide, we’ll walk you through different CDC solutions and approaches to help you choose the best one that works for your use case.
Matt Tanner
November 4, 2022

September Release: Agentless CDC For All 20+ Supported Connectors & GUI Coming To Arcion Self-hosted

We're excited to announce Arcion's September Release: agentless change data capture (CDC) for our 20+ supported database connectors and a new GUI to Arcion Self-hosted. Now you can replicate data in real-time, at scale, with guaranteed delivery — but without the inherent performance issues, security concerns, and administrative burdens associated with the installation of proprietary software on database servers.
Rajkumar Sen
September 28, 2022

Implementing Change Data Capture for Real-time Analytics with Arcion, MySQL, and Databricks

Today’s modern businesses leverage the latest technologies within their stack. Building applications with cutting-edge tools and platforms and delivering great customer experiences that are responsive and intuitive. The businesses that take it even further are those that are coupling great customer experiences and growing adoption with Big Data and AI platforms. The use of these platforms unlocks a massive amount of business intelligence and real-time analytics that help businesses and their customers to thrive.
Matt Tanner
September 27, 2022

Announcing Arcion August 2022 Release: Do More With Less

Arcion August 2022 Release is out! In this major release, the Arcion team brought you some exciting features such as Oracle Native Log Reader, support for DDL/Schema evolution in Real-time CDC, and no-code streaming column transformations. Arcion also expanded support and added three new connectors: BigQuery and Azure-Managed SQL Server as Source & Imply as Target. Learn more about these new features from Arcion founder and CTO, Rajkumar Sen.
Rajkumar Sen
August 17, 2022

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Conduct On-Premise to Cloud Migration

Considering an on-premise to cloud migration? Be sure to read our guide that covers everything from benefits to the business and a how-to guide.
Matt Tanner
August 10, 2022

Data Migration Tools: What They Are and Why You Need Arcion

Data migration is the movement of data from one source or computing environment to another. In this blog, we lay out the factors to consider when selecting data migration tools, the types of data migration tools, and a summary of the 19 most popular data migration tools.
Matt Tanner
August 4, 2022

How Airbnb, Uber, Netflix, Shopify, and Reddit Use Change Data Capture to Drive Breakthrough Advantages

As data-driven leaders strive for advantages over their competition, they need real-time access to data with zero downtime. Big brands aren't immune to the need for better, faster data. In this blog, we dive into how data-driven leaders like Airbnb, Uber, Netflix, Shopify, and Reddit use Change Data Capture to drive breakthrough advantages.
Matt Tanner
July 15, 2022
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Top Considerations When Planning to Migrate Databases to Cloud

Planning to migrate your on-premise databases to the cloud? Don't start until you read our comprehensive guide detailing how to plan and what to consider at every step in the process.
Matt Tanner
July 5, 2022
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What is Data Migration? Guide to Data Migration Solutions and Planning

Data migration is the process of moving data from one storage solution to another. Even though the premise is simple, the process is quite complex. In this blog, we dive into what is data migration, how to plan a successful data migration project, and what are the criteria to consider when selecting a data migration solution.
Matt Tanner
July 1, 2022

Implementing Change Data Capture with MySQL, Snowflake, and Arcion

Implement Change Data Capture in Snowflake to visualize your data in real-time. Learn how to implement CDC for your MySQL database using Arcion Cloud.
Matt Tanner
June 20, 2022
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Debezium Alternatives: The Ultimate Guide

Even though the vision of an open-source CDC platform that can support most databases is poetic, in reality, development teams face many issues while implementing Debezium-based production pipelines. Aside from the fact that you will need a strong team with technical expertise in Kafka and DevOps to ensure scalability and reliability, the architecture itself comes with many limitations. In this blog, we dive in some alternatives for Debezium.
Matt Tanner
June 15, 2022
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Leveraging Change Data Capture for Fraud Detection using Arcion Cloud

Still relying on overnight processes to drive your decision making? Maybe it’s time to consider an evaluation of the CDC pattern.
John Vester
June 1, 2022
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Migrating Oracle and MySQL Databases to SingleStoreDB with Arcion Cloud

In a recent webinar, Rajkumar Sen, Founder & CTO at Arcion Labs met with Manish Kumar, Sr. Product Manager at SingleStore to talk about how to easily migrate Oracle and MySQL databases to SingleStoreDB using the Arcion Cloud. They discussed the common challenges that come with database migration projects and how to solve them.
Rajkumar Sen
June 7, 2022
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The Missing Piece for Modern Data Stack Going Real-time

Inspired by an recently article by Nnamdi Iregbulem on how the modern data stack is becoming real-time on, it mentioned some tools for building real-time infrastructure, and real use cases, and in general, did a great job of providing an overview of our industry’s changing landscape. However, as someone closely involved in the very process of bringing about that change, I couldn’t help but feel that a very important part of the modern data stack was missing - real-time data ingestion. 
Rajkumar Sen
April 26, 2022

Arcion Joins Databricks Partner Connect To Enable Self-Serve Real-time Data Ingestion using Change Data Capture

Arcion has joined Databricks Partner Connect as the first partner to offer pre-configured, validated data replication for Databricks Lakehouse users.
Rajkumar Sen
April 20, 2022
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Announcing Arcion Cloud: The Only Fully Managed Change Data Capture Data Replication Platform

Announcing Arcion Cloud: The only fully managed Change Data Capture data replication platform. Arcion is not only the platform that connects production databases with cloud analytic platforms but also does it in the fastest way and most secure way possible, using distributed CDC on the cloud. Learn more in this blog.
Rajkumar Sen
April 12, 2022

Dawn of The Data Mobility Era

Raising $13M is only the beginning. Read more about our journey so far and where we're going in 2022 and beyond.
Gary Hagmueller
February 17, 2022

Distributed SQL Summit 2021: Rajkumar Sen on Fulfilling the Data Modernization Dream

According to Sen, the future is in implementing a distributed SQL database like YugabyteDB. Relying on legacy systems to run microservices, born-in-the-cloud applications, and Edge and IoT applications is not the solution.
Dillon Pinto
February 14, 2022

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