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Oracle to Postgres Migration: Complete Guide

In this article, we will take a look at the process involved in the migration of data from Oracle to Postgres. We’ll discuss different stages including assessment, schema migration, functional testing, performance testing, and data migration.

Matt Tanner
January 2, 2023

PostgreSQL Streaming Replication: 2 Easy ways

In this blog, we’ll walk you through step-by-step how to set up PostgreSQL streaming replication with no-code platform Arcion and use PostgreSQL built-in replication for streaming.

Matt Tanner
December 20, 2022

What is Oracle Replication? Methods and Guide

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what Oracle replication is all about and offer you four easy methods to replicate an Oracle database: full dump and load, incremental approach (table differencing), trigger-based approach, and change data capture.

Matt Tanner
December 13, 2022

Data Lakehouse: Everything You Need To Know

Data Lakehouse is a new data solution concept that combines elements of a data warehouse with those of a data lake. In this post, we’ll walk you through what is a Data Lakehouse, its benefits, the technology behind it, and how to use CDC to move data into a Data Lakehouse.

Matt Tanner
December 2, 2022

What Is Streaming SQL? The Definitive Guide

Streaming SQL is a fundamental component of any modern data architecture as many companies now rely on their ever-increasing data production to make data-driven decisions not minding where the data resides.

Matt Tanner
November 11, 2022

What Are the Best Data Pipeline Tools? A Deep Dive Into Selecting the Most Efficient Solution

What is a data pipeline and what are the best data pipeline tools you need? Read this comprehensive guide to see a detailed comparison on the popular choices in the market.

Matt Tanner
October 11, 2022

Arcion Now Supports SAP Sybase ASE For Zero Downtime, Zero Risk Data Migration

Migrating the legacy SAP ASE platform to something more modern has never been easy, until now. With Arcion, experience zero-downtime and risk-free migrations with automatic schema conversions. Power your digital transformation with Arcion.

Top 10 Oracle GoldenGate Alternatives

The ten alternatives to Oracle GoldeGate that will be covered are Arcion, Qlik Replicate, Fivetran, Debezium, Striim, Hevo Data, Talend Data Integration, SharePlex, Informatica PowerCenter & InfoSphere.

Debezium Alternatives: The Ultimate Guide

Even though the vision of an open-source CDC platform that can support most databases is poetic, in reality, development teams face many issues while implementing Debezium-based production pipelines. Aside from the fact that you will need a strong team with technical expertise in Kafka and DevOps to ensure scalability and reliability, the architecture itself comes with many limitations. In this blog, we dive in some alternatives for Debezium.

Dawn of The Data Mobility Era

Raising $13M is only the beginning. Read more about our journey so far and where we're going in 2022 and beyond.

Distributed SQL Summit 2021: Rajkumar Sen on Fulfilling the Data Modernization Dream

According to Sen, the future is in implementing a distributed SQL database like YugabyteDB. Relying on legacy systems to run microservices, born-in-the-cloud applications, and Edge and IoT applications is not the solution.

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