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Arcion have agreed to be acquired by Databricks

Looking forward, it’s clear that enterprises that want to derive value from AI need to choose the right platform upon which to build apps. Having worked with many platforms as partners, I am certain that Databricks is that platform. This acquisition further proves the point. By integrating Arcion, Databricks customers will now be able to reduce or remove the friction of data pipe building and maintenance and enable new, innovative and highly valuable AI use cases.

Arcion have agreed to be acquired by Databricks: Making the enterprise adoption of real time AI a reality

Arcion have agreed to be acquired by Databricks, the leading data and AI company, and pioneer of the Lakehouse paradigm.

How To Load Data From Db2 To Databricks

Unlock the power of advanced data analytics and collaborative workflows by migrating from Db2 to Databricks. Discover how this seamless transition empowers your team with enhanced data processing capabilities, improved scalability, and streamlined collaboration for actionable insights.

SQL Server to Databricks: 2 Easy ways

Looking to load your data from SQL Server to Databricks? Our expert guide will walk you through the process, helping you to seamlessly transfer your data and enjoy the benefits of cloud-based analytics.

Arcion Joins Databricks Partner Connect To Enable Self-Serve Real-time Data Ingestion using Change Data Capture

Arcion has joined Databricks Partner Connect as the first partner to offer pre-configured, validated data replication for Databricks Lakehouse users.

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