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Arcion Powers Your Data Journey to Google Cloud with Support for BigQuery, CloudSQL, and AlloyDB

Arcion is excited to announce our partnership with Google Cloud, with the support of BigQuery, Cloud SQL for MySQL, Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL, and AlloyDB. Read the details from our founder and CTO, Rajkumar Sen, on the details of the native integration and how you can start the trial today.

Arcion Now Supports Confluent For Seamless Integration and Real-Time Streaming

Arcion is very excited and proud to announce our partnership and support for Confluent Platform and Confluent Cloud. Read more from our founder and CTO, Rajkumar Sen, on everything about the new connectors and step-by-step tutorials on getting started.

Arcion Now Supports SAP Sybase ASE For Zero Downtime, Zero Risk Data Migration

Migrating the legacy SAP ASE platform to something more modern has never been easy, until now. With Arcion, experience zero-downtime and risk-free migrations with automatic schema conversions. Power your digital transformation with Arcion.

Arcion Achieves SOC 2 Certification for HIPAA Compliance

With SOC 2 certification, enterprise organizations can choose Arcion CDC for real-time integration, confident that it meets the highest data security standards.

September Release: Agentless CDC For All 20+ Supported Connectors & GUI Coming To Arcion Self-hosted

We're excited to announce Arcion's September Release: agentless change data capture (CDC) for our 20+ supported database connectors and a new GUI to Arcion Self-hosted. Now you can replicate data in real-time, at scale, with guaranteed delivery ‚ÄĒ but without the inherent performance issues, security concerns, and administrative burdens associated with the installation of proprietary software on database servers.

Announcing Arcion August 2022 Release: Do More With Less

Arcion August 2022 Release is out! In this major release, the Arcion team brought you some exciting features such as Oracle Native Log Reader, support for DDL/Schema evolution in Real-time CDC, and no-code streaming column transformations. Arcion also expanded support and added three new connectors: BigQuery and Azure-Managed SQL Server as Source & Imply as Target. Learn more about these new features from Arcion founder and CTO, Rajkumar Sen.

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