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Announcing Arcion Cloud: The Only Fully Managed Change Data Capture Data Replication Platform

Rajkumar Sen
CTO @ Arcion
April 12, 2022
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11 Jan 2022
5 min read

The Software-as-a-Service was a revolutionary delivery solution in every sense of the word. Over the decade, it has transformed nearly every business, small or large - enabling access to powerful services without mounting infrastructural overheads. 

At Arcion, we couldn’t agree more with the mission to break down barriers to entry and make technology accessible to everyone. That is why we are thrilled to announce the launch of Arcion Cloud - the market’s first fully-managed, distributed change data capture (CDC) data replication platform.

Since launching in 2018, Arcion (formerly Blitzz) has experienced tremendous growth with over hundreds of deployments across 3 continents. We’re replicating over 150TB of data every month for some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies out there and rapidly expanding our partner program. However, our customers told us about the pain and nightmare they experience from navigating complex infrastructural requirements to scaling their on-prem architectures. Arcion Cloud is our answer and we’re excited to share it with the world.

Data-Replication-as-a-Service Built For The Modern Data Stack

The modern data stack movement has done a fantastic job connecting APIs and SaaS tools, but it failed to leverage the valuable data residing in transactional databases, thereby creating data silos. The modern data stack (MDS) contains numerous data ingestion solutions but none can connect systems of records, OLTP systems, and data warehouses. Arcion fills this gap by being not only the platform that connects production databases with cloud analytic platforms but also doing it in the fastest way and most secure way possible, using distributed CDC on the cloud. This gap exists partly because the modern data stack has been largely centered around SaaS tool integration (driven by unicorn companies like Fivetran) while ignoring the use cases and value of transactional databases (like Oracle, SQL servers, MySQL, DB2, etc. This results in slower analytics, outdated security metrics, brittle pipelines, and unsustainable costs. But it doesn't have to be this way. 

The few services that can connect enterprise databases, such as HVR and Oracle Golden Gate do not offer a cloud-native or fully-managed option.

And finally, none of the CDC-based data replications available on the market today are end-to-end, meaning you always need Kafka, S3, or something in between your source and targets. This duct-tape solution is slower and more costly to set up and maintain.

Arcion Cloud is, therefore, the only cloud-native, distributed CDC solution that can connect systems of records, OLTP & OLAP systems, and cloud data platforms through real-time ELT while guaranteeing transactional integrity. 

Arcion Cloud uses Change Data Capture to tap into and update transactional databases in real-time. No production impact, no security holes, and low latency. Companies can now build production-ready, real-time, high-volume data pipelines from enterprise transactional databases to cloud platforms in a matter of clicks.

Easier Change Data Capture Pipelines, More Scalability, Lower Costs 

98% of data professionals face problems building their pipelines and over half of them (51%)  state their pipelines break more than once a month. This is just one indicator of the state of existing data pipelines within enterprises today.  And in this ultra-competitive landscape, if enterprises spend more time fixing their pipelines than they do using them, they’ve got a big problem.

Arcion Cloud overcomes this and numerous other enterprise pain points by being the world’s only cloud-native, distributed CDC-based data replication platform. With Arcion Cloud, you can deploy high-performance, high-volume data pipelines without writing a single line of code, in minutes instead of months. 

To better serve the needs of your modern data-driven enterprise, Arcion Cloud brings a host of powerful features including:

  • Low-latency, distributed CDC: Arcion offers fully managed, distributed change data capture (CDC) to eliminate any latency between source and target while keeping your data available in real-time.. Arcion also supports auto-scaling to multiple instances without any custom code.
  • Fully-managed enterprise database connectors: Arcion Cloud supports three sources: Oracle, MySQL, Snowflake, and three targets: Databricks, Snowflake, SingleStore. With a few clicks, you can deploy high-volume CDC pipelines from production databases like Oracle to your preferred cloud analytics platforms.
  • No resyncs required: Arcion Cloud removes the need for expensive resyncs from production databases through the Global System of Access architecture and our patent-pending “Read Once, Write Multiple” technology.
  • Capture Schema Changes: Arcion helps mitigate data loss and eliminate downtime caused by pipeline-breaking schema changes by intercepting changes in the source database and propagating them while ensuring compatibility with the target's schema evolution.
  • Zero Data Loss: Arcion Cloud is built on a zero data loss architecture with reliable checkpointing systems and disaster recovery solutions to ensure zero data loss, regardless of cause.
  • Transactional Integrity: Thanks to a resilient architecture and built-in data validation tools, Arcion Cloud ensures 100% transactional integrity at all times.
  • High Availability: Arcion has inbuilt infrastructure that ensures high availability even with use of a multi node cluster. 

In addition to these features, Arcion Cloud also brings streaming ELT, guaranteed data consistency, security features such as automatic data masking, 24/7 data encryption, and much more.

How to Get Started with Arcion Cloud

Getting started with fully-managed and real-time data replication couldn’t be easier with Arcion Cloud. Arcion Cloud is available on AWS USA and set to support Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud by the end of this year. To start, simply sign up for the platform and get a 14-day trial to explore the capabilities. Questions? Reach out to one of our database experts at support@arcion.io to learn how Arcion Cloud can transform the way your enterprise sees and uses data.

Rajkumar Sen
CTO @ Arcion

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