Arcion have agreed to be acquired by Databricks: Making the enterprise adoption of real time AI a reality

Luke Smith
Enterprise Solutions Architect
October 23, 2023
Matt Tanner
Developer Relations Lead
October 23, 2023
Rajkumar Sen
CTO & Founder @ Arcion
October 23, 2023
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As CTO & founder of Arcion, I’m thrilled to announce that we have agreed to be acquired by Databricks, the leading data and AI company, and pioneer of the Lakehouse paradigm. This combination represents an ideal next step for our product’s journey.

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Years ago when we began this journey, it was clear to me that there was a significant product gap in the marketplace.  At the time I founded Arcion, new data platforms powering real-time AI and analytics demanded real time data streaming from legacy sources. It was equally evident that the available CDC & database replication solutions were not going to deliver the performance and scale needed to meet the emerging demand.

It seemed obvious that CDC technologies that relied on 10, 15 or even 25 year old architectures were never going to work in a world where new data platforms were microservices and cloud based.  It felt like as technologists, we had figured out how to build a race car, but instead of tires, we only had horseshoes.  Moreover, design practices that focused on source-target pairs instead of a unifying framework that treated connectors as an extension of the core service would become ever more brittle as scale and complexity increased.  

Flash forward to 2023.  While it’s evident that our approach has been validated, it turns out that the market need was greater than we imagined. The rise of AI and real time data applications has completely transformed the enterprise technology market.  Our customers increasingly came to us with real time machine learning and AI projects and our product always exceeded their performance and ease of use expectations.  It should come as no surprise that as the demand for machine learning and AI increased, so too did the amount of work we were doing with Databricks, and the amount of data flowing through Arcion to the Lakehouse.

Over time, our product teams started to work closely together in order to help mutual customers succeed on their most innovative projects. As this collective work took place, it became increasingly obvious that our cultures had similar approaches and that our products worked together very well.  As well, the ability to deliver the sort of innovative solutions that other platforms were incapable of offering was very exciting to our mutual teams.

So when Databricks formally suggested that we combine forces, it seemed like the perfect next step in our technology vision.  For the Arcion product, this combination will bring a game changing influx of resources that we will use to scale more rapidly.  As well, Databricks’ go-to-market reach into more than 10,000 organizations worldwide offers a level of proliferation that would have taken us years to achieve as an independent firm.  Finally, as a technologist, it is especially satisfying to know that we’ll be helping Databricks make the enterprise adoption of real time AI a reality. I am very excited about what we can do together with Databricks when the transaction closes.

We could never have gotten here without the incredible hard work of our team and their dedication to our mission and customers.  I am very happy that they will taste in our success and be empowered to push further and help realize our vision.  To Gary, our CEO for taking us through the finish line.  To the investors that believed in us and nurtured us, thank you for the confidence, support and advice over the years. To our partners, who collaborated with us on so many accounts. And, most importantly to our customers, who believed in us, a huge thank you for your support and belief.

Let’s keep building!

Matt is a developer at heart with a passion for data, software architecture, and writing technical content. In the past, Matt worked at some of the largest finance and insurance companies in Canada before pivoting to working for fast-growing startups.
Matt is a developer at heart with a passion for data, software architecture, and writing technical content. In the past, Matt worked at some of the largest finance and insurance companies in Canada before pivoting to working for fast-growing startups.
Luke has two decades of experience working with database technologies and has worked for companies like Oracle, AWS, and MariaDB. He is experienced in C++, Python, and JavaScript. He now works at Arcion as an Enterprise Solutions Architect to help companies simplify their data replication process.
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