Arcion Now Supports Confluent For Seamless Integration and Real-Time Streaming

Luke Smith
Enterprise Solutions Architect
May 18, 2023
Matt Tanner
Developer Relations Lead
May 18, 2023
Rajkumar Sen
CTO @ Arcion
May 18, 2023
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When it comes to Kafka and data streaming, Confluent is the leader, providing unparalleled scalability and a robust solution. It is a full-scale data streaming platform that enables you to easily access, store, and manage data as continuous, real-time streams. Confluent is trusted by some of the largest organizations on the planet to handle their real-time data streaming needs. Our team at Arcion prioritized making connectivity to Confluent even easier and more scalable. That is why we are very excited and proud to announce our partnership and support for Confluent Platform and Confluent Cloud.

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Arcion users will now have access to the Confluent Platform and Confluent Cloud target connectors in both Arcion Self-Managed and Arcion Cloud deployments. Even better, this includes Arcion UI support for no-code pipelines that connect your favorite and most popular data sources to Confluent in minutes. Let’s take a look at the benefits of this newly added support and understand how it works.

What Are The Benefits of Using Arcion With Confluent?

Using Arcion to connect your data sources to Confluent comes with many benefits. In this blog post, we will highlight the performance, ease-of-use, and security advantages of using Arcion to build pipelines from your favorite data sources to Confluent. 

Next-Level Performance and Scalability

When it comes to real-time data streaming, transferring data from sources to targets quickly is essential. Many existing Change Data Capture (CDC) solutions don’t scale for high-volume, high-velocity data, resulting in slow pipelines, and slow delivery to the target systems. By using Arcion to move data into Confluent, you get a distributed, end-to-end multi-threaded CDC solution that auto-scales vertically & horizontally. Any process that runs on the source and target is parallelized using patent-pending techniques to achieve maximum throughput. Every single step within the pipeline is multi-threaded. It means Arcion users get ultra-low latency CDC replication with terabyte-level scalability.

Guaranteed Data Consistency

Data consistency is critical in data transfers from the source to destination, including Confluent. With Arcion, you can ensure transactional integrity and data consistency through its CDC technology. Arcion makes it failproof with built-in data validation support that works automatically and efficiently, ensuring data integrity at all times. It offers a solution for both scalable data migration and replication while assuring zero data loss has occurred.

No-Code Pipelines in Minutes

With 100% agentless installation for the sources and targets, as well as no-code configuration through Arcion’s Command Line Interface (CLI) or UI, pipelines can be up and running in a few  minutes. Simply set up your source and Confluent target configurations and start up your pipeline. You do not need any other agent or third-party tool to extract and apply data. Need to fine-tune your pipeline? You can do that as well through the CLI or UI with no coding required.

Secure, SOC 2, and HIPAA-Compliant Pipelines

Data security and data encryption is of utmost importance while moving data from the source to Confluent. By using Arcion’s CDC pipeline technology, data is encrypted throughout its journey and through each stage of the pipeline. Arcion is both SOC 2 (type 1 & type 2) and HIPAA compliant which opens up use cases for highly-regulated industries where pipeline security is paramount and required. By using Arcion to move data into Confluent, the security of your data is guaranteed.

How To Get Started?

Setting up Arcion and Confluent is extremely simple. Connecting Arcion to Confluent is simple and can be done in just a few steps using the Arcion UI, regardless of whether you are using Arcion Self Managed or Arcion Cloud. 

On the Create Connection screen, select Confluent Cloud or Confluent Platform as the destination for your data. 

Next, on the Connection Form screen, add your Confluent details including the Bootstrap Host URL and an API Key + Secret. You can also fine-tune the maximum connections, retry wait duration, and maximum retires for the connector on this screen.

After setting up the connectivity details, set your Filter to select the parts of the source schema that you want to replicate into your Confluent instance.

Once set, start the replication process. On the Arcion Replication Dashboard, you can monitor the progress and the changes in your source data that is being sent to your Confluent instance.

Finally, you can see your data in Confluent. That’s it!

Check out our video below, which shows the step-by-step breakdown of how to get a pipeline running in under 5 minutes!

Try It Out!

Curious to try out our new Confluent connector for yourself? You can either start a free 14-day free trial with Arcion Cloud (no payment info required), or chat with our data replication experts and get started with Arcion Self-hosted today.

Not yet a Confluent customer? Start your free trial of Confluent Cloud today. New signups receive $400 to spend during their first 30 days—no credit card required.

Matt is a developer at heart with a passion for data, software architecture, and writing technical content. In the past, Matt worked at some of the largest finance and insurance companies in Canada before pivoting to working for fast-growing startups.
Matt is a developer at heart with a passion for data, software architecture, and writing technical content. In the past, Matt worked at some of the largest finance and insurance companies in Canada before pivoting to working for fast-growing startups.
Luke has two decades of experience working with database technologies and has worked for companies like Oracle, AWS, and MariaDB. He is experienced in C++, Python, and JavaScript. He now works at Arcion as an Enterprise Solutions Architect to help companies simplify their data replication process.
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