Arcion Powers Your Data Journey to Google Cloud with Support for BigQuery, CloudSQL, and AlloyDB

Luke Smith
Enterprise Solutions Architect
August 29, 2023
Matt Tanner
Developer Relations Lead
August 29, 2023
Rajkumar Sen
CTO @ Arcion
August 29, 2023
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Arcion and Google Cloud are teaming up with a shared vision for innovation and excellence in data management, offering businesses the best possible data migration and replication solution.

Google Cloud is the world's leading cloud platform, with a wide range of cutting-edge database technologies. Arcion is a leader in data migration and replication, with a proven track record of helping businesses of all sizes migrate their databases in real-time.

Together, Arcion and Google Cloud  offer businesses a powerful and comprehensive solution for their data migration and replication needs. With this partnership, businesses can:

  • Migrate and Replicate their data to Google Cloud to 4 popular destinations – BigQuery, AlloyDB, CloudSQL for PostgreSQL, and CloudSQL for MySQL.
  • Replicate their data to multiple destinations for redundancy and disaster recovery.
  • Take advantage of Google Cloud's advanced security and compliance features.
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Arcion Joins the Google Cloud Partner Ecosystem

Arcion's innovative approach to data replication is combined with Google Cloud's unparalleled data platforms to create a new standard in service delivery. This partnership offers users a number of exciting benefits, including:

Unmatched Expertise and Excellence

Arcion and Google Cloud have a deep pool of expertise in data management, which they can bring to bear on customer projects. This ensures that users get the best possible service, from initial consultation to implementation and support.

Robust Support for Scalable Solutions

Arcion and Google Cloud offer a combined support team that is dedicated to helping customers succeed. This team has the experience and expertise to help customers build and scale data replication and migration solutions that meet their specific needs.

A Promise of Continued Evolution

This partnership will allow both companies to share their latest technologies and solutions with customers, ensuring that they always have access to the best possible tools. Arcion is rapidly expanding its support for Google platforms, which means that users can expect even better performance, scalability, and security from their Arcion solutions.

Arcion Expands Connector Library to Support BigQuery, Cloud SQL and AlloyDB

Arcion is expanding its connector library to support Google's top data platforms. The new connectors for BigQuery, Cloud SQL and AlloyDB make it easy for Arcion users to connect their data to these popular Google platforms.

The new connectors are fully-featured and support all of the latest features of the respective Google platforms. They are also easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface. Let’s take a quick look at each of these platforms and the latest Arcion connectors for them.


BigQuery is a serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective multi-cloud data warehouse that lets you analyze massive datasets in real time. With BigQuery, you can derive insights and drive data-driven decisions with unparalleled ease.

Here are some of the top features of BigQuery:

  • Serverless: BigQuery is a serverless service, so you don't have to worry about provisioning or managing servers.
  • Highly scalable: BigQuery can scale to petabytes of data without any performance degradation.
  • Cost-effective: BigQuery is very cost-effective for large datasets.
  • Real-time analytics: BigQuery can analyze data in real time, so you can always get the latest insights.

Unparalleled ease: BigQuery is very easy to use, even for non-technical users.

Check out our latest blog on migrating and replicating data from MySQL to BigQuery,OracleDB to BigQuery ,andMicrosoft SQL Server to BigQuery to learn how to connect to BigQuery using Arcion in a few simple steps.


CloudSQL is a fully managed relational database service that makes it easy to deploy, manage, and scale your MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases. Over 95% of Google Cloud's top 100 customers use Cloud SQL to run their businesses.

CloudSQL offers a number of features that make it the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes, including:

  • Fully managed service: CloudSQL handles all database tasks, including provisioning, backups, replication, and failover. This frees you up to focus on your application development.
  • High availability: CloudSQL ensures that your data is always available with automatic backups, replication, and failover.
  • Performance monitoring: CloudSQL integrates with Google's operation monitoring tools to provide easy diagnostics, performance monitoring, and customizable alerts.
  • Data protection: CloudSQL ensures the security of your data with encryption, VPC connectivity, and a tailored firewall.

Check out our latest blogs on migrating and replicating data from MySQL to CloudSQL for PostgreSQL and Oracle to CloudSQL for MySQL to experience how easy it is to connect to CloudSQL with Arcion.


AlloyDB is a fully managed, PostgreSQL-compatible database service that delivers superior performance, scale, and availability. It combines the best of Google with PostgreSQL to power your most demanding enterprise workloads.

With AlloyDB, you get:

  • 4x faster transactional performance than standard PostgreSQL
  • Up to 100x faster analytical performance than standard PostgreSQL
  • Simplified management with machine learning-enabled autopilot systems
  • AlloyDB Omni is a downloadable edition for on-premises deployments

Check out our latest blog on connecting, migrating and replicating data to AlloyDB with Arcion.

Get Started With Arcion For Free Today!

Arcion's latest Google connectors are available in both self-hosted and cloud deployments. With Arcion Self-hosted, you can connect 20+ enterprise data sources to any of the supported Google platforms within minutes. If you're looking for a more hands-off experience, try Arcion Cloud with no payment info requirement.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started for Arcion Self-hosted or start your 14-day risk-free trial with Arcion Cloud.

Matt is a developer at heart with a passion for data, software architecture, and writing technical content. In the past, Matt worked at some of the largest finance and insurance companies in Canada before pivoting to working for fast-growing startups.
Matt is a developer at heart with a passion for data, software architecture, and writing technical content. In the past, Matt worked at some of the largest finance and insurance companies in Canada before pivoting to working for fast-growing startups.
Luke has two decades of experience working with database technologies and has worked for companies like Oracle, AWS, and MariaDB. He is experienced in C++, Python, and JavaScript. He now works at Arcion as an Enterprise Solutions Architect to help companies simplify their data replication process.
Rajkumar Sen is the founder and chief technology officer at Arcion Labs, the real-time, in-memory data replication platform. In his previous role as director of engineering at MemSQL, he architected the query optimizer and the distributed query processing engine. Raj also served as a principal engineer at Oracle, where he developed features for the Oracle database query optimizer, and a senior staff engineer at Sybase, where he architected several components for the Sybase Database Cluster Edition. He has published over a dozen papers in top-tier database conferences and journals and is the recipient of 14 patents.
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