Old-school batch-based data processing is disconnected from modern enterprise requirements and reality.

Become future-proof with Arcion’s versatile ecosystem of low-latency native change data capture connectors supporting all popular transactional databases & cloud analytical platforms.

Minimal impact

Thanks to our incredibly refined low-latency connectors, minimal impact to production systems is possible. Unlike batch ETL loads, Arcion’s enterprise-grade CDC only transfers changes across databases, significantly reducing impact.

5x faster data replication.
5x faster decisions.

Old school migrations and traditional batch ETL jobs can take immense resources and months just to get set up. With Arcion, the entire process of transferring over 1 terabyte of data takes less than 30 minutes and just a few clicks.

With Arcion, everyone becomes a 10x data engineer.

No workload is off-limits

Arcion’s versatile CDC connectors enable you to capture numerous types of changes with virtually no limitations.

Arcion can capture changes including DDLs, DMLs, schema changes, and several other non-DML changes.

Real-time data wherever and whenever you need it

Explore a diverse range of data connectors for all of your enterprise data needs.

Enterprise operational databases

Arcion boasts an ever-growing ecosystem of connectors that support change-data-capture in multiple ways. Arcion supports enterprise operational databases such as Oracle and SQL Server, NoSQL databases like MongoDB, and analytical platforms like Databricks, Snowflake, BigQuery, and more.

How Arcion Supports Change Data Capture

Oracle Logo
  • Native log reading
  • LogMiner API
  • GoldenGate Trail Files
  • XStreams
SQL Server
  • Native log reading
  • Native SQL¬†Server Change Tracking
  • SQL¬†Server CDC Tables
IBM DB2 logo
  • Native log and journal
  • MQ Streams
  • IIDR¬†Streams

Arcion also supports native log-based change data capture for other transactional databases

Enterprise data warehouses

Arcion has full support for most popular data warehousing platforms including

Additional platform features

Complete data freedom between major enterprise data platforms


Low impact CDC

Enterprise grade security

Data Validation

Live monitoring

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