Arcion Cloud

Cloud June 2023 Release

July 11, 2023

Arcion New Filter 16k Tables Demo Video

Screenshot of all available sources in June 2023 release
Screenshot of all available targets in June 2023 release

- Pipeline source - SAP ASE (Sybase)

- Pipeline destination - Redis Streams

- Buttons now viewable when scrolling on the webpages

- Can't click save on new Databricks connection when using DBFS

- Can't perform state update on saved-connections

- Filter page timeouts

- Filter update by file not handled properly

- When setting Pertable config for Databricks Lakehouse the schema name is not set into the per table configuration (only catalog name)

- Handle exception when /replication returns 401

- Allow schema name update when mapping to 2 level db

- Update refresh token behaviour

- UI changes to support SAP ASE (Sybase) as source

- API changes to support SAP ASE (Sybase) as source

- UI changes to support Redis Streams as destination

- API changes to support Redis Streams as destination

- Optimize filter behaviour when rendering a large dataset

- Update replication list header and make columns sortable

- Ability to download all config files

- Handle upload filter containing blocked list in the UI

- Enable PG to PG and MySQL to PG pipeline

- Type 2 CDC support

- MYSQL DDL replication support

- Informix DDL replication support

- Support applier configuration for /dev/null

- Update progress percentage for CHANGE_DATA_CAPTURE phase and TERMINATE replication status

- Reimplement trace log download within replication summary

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