Arcion Cloud

Cloud May 2023 Release

June 6, 2023

‚ÄćMain feature updates:

- S3 pipeline

- OAuth2 authentication support (tested with Okta)

- In-memory authentication custom password support

- Prometheus metrics exposed + Grafana dashboard

- Oracle PDB support

Detail fixes:

- Pipeline destination - S3

- Mapper not added to replication if added after the initial creation

- Errors about duplicate keys and other errors

- Need ability to fall back to non-partition table creation

- Allow the in memory authentication type to configure a different password (Docker Secret)

- Support OpenID authentication via providers like Okta (without password grant)

- Add Prometheus metric endpoint

- Add support for DDL replication

- Expose JDBC URL for connections that support it (MySQL first and foremost)

- Do not explicitly list tables in filter if the whole catalog/schema is selected (same for table and columns)

- Add support for schema validation configuration (general.yaml)

- Enable S2->GBQ and S2->S3

- Liveness monitor, schema validation and metadata connections configuration support

- Changes to support S3 as destination

- Add ability to specify custom NTP server

- PDB support

- Configure Core logs rotation

- Cleanly exit Replicant process instead of force kill

- Allow permission validation to be enabled/disabled via UI

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