Arcion Self-hosted

Major Release

September 7, 2022


1. Separate transaction files by replication ID for SQL Server CDC

2. Oracle Native Export

3. Databricks Unity catalog support

4. Allow use of Salesforce ID or Id Mod Column as Split Key

5. Add support for a credential store for the Replicant SQL Agent

6. GCP Databricks as destination


1. Db2 to Singlestore snapshot, TIMESTAMP column is shown as TIMESTMP in fetch-schema and is converted to varchar in singlestore

2. SQL Server CDC incorrectly creates multiple cursors for schemas within a database

3. Imply does not drop existing table in reinit mode if table already present

4. Change active connection logging to include TPT connections

5. Oracle to Oracle: Real-time SCN problem.

6. Add support for a credential store for the Replicant SQL Agent

7. SQL CDC should send ACKs for each file transfer

8. Decouple exit codes from custom exceptions

9. Upgrade Databricks jdbc driver

10. GCP Databricks as destination

11. Db2 LUW/As400 Losing Records When Transaction Size > 100000

12. PostgreSQL as target doesn't close files after bulk load

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