Arcion Self-hosted

Major Release

November 7, 2022

1. Add replication ID to the transaction path for Oracle uncommitted CDC

2. Support Writing All Data to a Single Kafka Topic (From Informix and Postgres)

3. Integration with AWS Secrets Manager (or Similar Service)

4. Write to CDC log segment in chunks

5. Add stage maintenance mode

6. NPE in Snowflake initializer

7. SQL Server incorrectly blocking system schemas

8. --stop-never-slave-server-id param in MySQL is deprecated.

9. RDS PostgreSQL to RDS Postgres - replicate_io_replication_stats_summary_coreoct11_12_coreoct11_12 does not exist

10. Handle error: ORA-02149 Specified partition does not exist

11. SQLServer - fetch-schema not fetching the database specified in connection configuration

12. Test and fix source column transformation

13. MySQL as Source in real-time replication crashes when we insert into column of type year

14. Azure SQL to YugabyteSQL - Column default does not created at target

15. Databricks S3 Role arn parameter

16. Fix for cdc recovery across all pipelines

17. Ability to Surface Alerts in New Relic

18. Enable init-metadata mode for DB2

19. Fix incorrect exception when logging failed transaction

20. DB2 AS400 tables with table name length greater than 10, realtime replication is not working

21. SQL Server heartbeat doesn't work when there are multiple databases being replicated

22. Add a table level check in Oracle for full column logging when Databricks is a target

23. Table level column logging check not working

24. Sybase ASE snapshot but on release binary 22 10 28 1

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