Arcion Self-hosted

Major Release

December 2, 2022


1. SAP ASEas source for realtime/full mode support.

2. OracleDBLINK based snapshot.

3. Support for Kerberos Authentication.

4. Support BigQuery as a target.

5. AddUpsert support for SingleStore.

6. EnableEmail Notifications if Lag is ABOVE a particular threshold value.



1. MariaDB-> Google BigQuery : BigQuery not support AUTO_INCREMENT or IDENTITY.

2. Fixextractor NPE when replicating Oracle views.

3. DB2AS400 Schema with Schema name length greater than 10, realtime replication isnot working.

4. Changing Imply Implementation for their new apis.

5. Fix issues with TiDB as a target.

6. Invalidvalue when replicating table with set datatype in realtime mode.

7. ExtendDb2 XML TRANSACTION MQ message type to Kafka-Transactional log-storage.

8. Addsupport for DB2 TRANSACTION message type in DELIMITED message format.

9. Olapduplicate row insert error.

10. Snowflake target improvements.

11. MongoDBconnection needs to be established through url or connection config properties(host, port, username and password).

12. SAP ASECDC Performance testing.

13. Snowflake table cdcStageType not working for insert.

14. Number of rows mismatch while replicating updates ondatabricks using MERGE.

15. TestTargets with ASE CDC Source.

16. fixingper table replay strategy in realtime mode.

17. Snowflake bug fixing for delete query.

18. Snapshot mode not finished when trying to replicate table with SET Type.

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