Arcion Self-hosted

Major Release

February 7, 2023

1. DB2-MQ-Kafka to S2 - Duplicate entry for key 'PRIMARY'

2. Bad SQL cause ORA-00913: too many values

3. DB2-MQ-Kafka to S2 - Update failing with duplicate key error after successful insert

4. Fix parsing of connection stage config

5. Support XML

6. Support multiple replay strategy for BigQuery as target

7. Support MySQL RDS password rotation

8. Support auto-reinit if DDL fails

9. Upgrade S3 SDK version to 2.*

10. MySQL index creation error

11. Option to add prefix to topic

12. Db2 Kafka - Kafka logging improvements

13. Option to allow dot(.) as a delimiter in Kafka topic names

14. Fix system generated split-key and delta-snapshot-key handling for HANA as source

15. Initialize ASE source fields in target JSON format log ( for Kafka and Redis Stream )

16. Transforms Not Applying When Src-schemas is used

17. Log Delta Table Verbose

18. AWS SecretsManager - error parsing secretKeyPath with /

19. Setting csv-publish-method: READ as default when column transformation is used

20. DB2-MQ-Kafka - Update on timestamp column not working

21. Enable compression-type: GZIP for MemSQL/SingleStore bulk load

22. Redis Stream : Improve logging under snapshot config log-row-level-errors

23. Fix NPE in GLOBAL replay consistency validation code

24. Fix issue where we only allow connecting to a named instance by port

25. Fix for SQL Server change tracking and re-enable CI/CD tests for SQL Server

26. Fixed SQLServer fetchObjectIds() function, using schema name to filter tables from SQLServer

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