Arcion Self-hosted

Major Release

March 6, 2023


2. In duplicate Pk scenario (parent issue), detect and handle the error by deleting the original row

3. NPE in SQL Server

4. PostgreSQL to Kafka CDC - Null Pointer Exception

5. Additional Error Handling Options for Kafka

6. Support configuring a custom NTP server in general configuration

7. Add --terminate-post-cdc-init flag for full mode replication

8.MongoDB to BigQuery CDC

9. Add CLI dashboard for the maintenance process

10. SQL Server computed columns should be handled more intelligently

11. Testing reinit based DDL replication for CDC source Informix

12. Embed functionality of --clean-stage to the --overwrite flag

13. Renaming parts of the setup

14. Fix fetch-schema for Redis Stream and Kafka as target

15. PostgreSQL: CREATE INDEX fails when using mapper file

16. Index creation attempted when column in block: [ ] list

17. Feature Request - Yugabyte Table split clause

18. Redis Stream and Kafka  ( JSON Format )

19. DBSnapshotExtractorParser wrong class call.

20. Remove OPER_TYPE as PK from delta table

21. Resume replication failing due to replicationcontext not initialized

22. Set the default value retry-transactions to true only for ACID destinations

23. Deprecate and disable databricks _optimize-snapshot by default

24. Mongo Pipeline breaking due to version change

25. Kafka as target : Override snapshot config num-shards = 1 when...

26. Fix Azure Databricks when optimizesnapshot is disabled

27. Add SAS token support for Azure stage.

28. Oracle -> Oracle Add missing recovery key columns in case of fetch-create-sql enabled.

29. Incorporating extractor config computed-columns to support generated columns for MySQL and fixing snapshot of generated columns.

30. Set the blocking option for generated columns to false automatically when using --create-sql/fetch-create-sql.

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