Arcion Self-hosted

Major Release

April 11, 2023

Fixes included:

1. Generalize the Oracle extractor throttle.

2. Replicant Crashes for Delete operation in delta mode when Applier is configured in Non-BulkLoad Mode.

3. Configure mode - run into error in new version.

4. Error in Postgresql to Postgresql table creation for tables with default values.

5. MongoDB delete not working.

6. Duplicate PK issue in certain idempotent scenario.

7. Databricks connection file with AWS secrets - failing on recent versions.

8. Test and document ssl connection to Snowflake.

9. Test and document ssl connection to BigQuery.

10. Delta-snapshot mode throws NPE when resuming replication containing compound columns.

11. SQL Server datetime columns with CURRENT_TIMESTAMP default gets created incorrectly on MySQL.

12. Allow specifying metadata config for Redis Stream as target.

13. Replicant fails to start PG->PG due to DEFAULT column value syntax error.

14. Test and Document SSL connection to Databricks.

15. Applier wrong type resolved on XA form loading resulting in parse error.

16. Db2/MQ/Kafka Blocked Columns Causing Parsing Error.

17. Introduce IRealtimeOperationSerializer interface to be used for de/serialization per different CDC format (Kryo/JSON).

18. DB2/MQ/Kafka Db2DelimitedMsgParser Error On IBM Error Messages.

19. NPE in SQL Server fetch-schmas.

20. Move create-table-without-defaults-on-failure option to applier.

21. Moved static logic from DBSchemasForm into SchemasFormUtils and DBSchemasFormParser classes.

22. In config forms, changed visibility of validate method to public and some constructors as well.

23. Moved BaseContext instance holder from ReplicationContext to BaseContext.

24. SecretManager.initializeSecretManager() changed method call to accept vars instead of GeneralConfig.

25. Decoupled parse method from FilterForm/MapperForm/ProcForm/NativeLoadConfigForm/ObjectIdForm/PathForm classes into standalone class hierarchy. Made required modifications to DBMetatataProvider/DBMetadataProviderShared classes.

26. Improve Debezium format data representation.

27. Config to avoid of overlap of tables during extraction.

28. Support bigint data type to Kafka.

29: PostgreSQL - Change default value for connection config log-reader-type.

30. Fix Databricks job-wide snapshot recovery.

31. Databricks - Fix concurrent copy failure.

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