Arcion Self-hosted

Major Release

May 9, 2023

Fix included:

1. Connect to oracle using local tns file

2. Changed build.gradle repository order

3. Fixing SnapshotRecovery after changes introduced by a new MR

4. Native Transform Timestamp Less Than

5. BigQuery set realtime replay strategy as AUTO

6. Do not consider blocked columns from the validation of FKs

7. SQL Server Log based extractor threading issue

8. SQServer --> RedisStream Accumulated Insert Logs during snapshot comes as Insert Oper instead of Replace

9. DB2 LUW Log Reader Handle BINARY Data Type

10. Redis Stream : Code cleanup

11. MongoDB realtime mode error when start position is mentioned

12. Add DB2 LUW as source for Debezium format messages

13. Add source extraction timestamp and operation as new columns to target tables

14. Add liveliness memory stats to metadatadb and stats file

15. getClusteringKeySql throws exception if Snowflake is used as source

16. Credential store support for Databricks

17. Support DefaultCredentialsProvider for authentication on S3_STORAGE_BROKER.

18. Db2/MQ/Kafka->Singlestore --continue-inconsistent-post-failure is not working for dst-query failures

19. Test and Document SSL connection to SAP Sybase ASE

20. Refactor fencing workflow for producer replication in the streaming storage setup

21. Error Handling - SingleStore/Mysql Target

22. Add and test SSL connection support to SingleStore

23. Sync CDC data stream through S3 with a independent snapshot migration

24. Db2 AS400 Table containing Column type as Time is throwing exception

25. Postgresql(source) DDL support

26. Oracle: Provide Alternative to Deletion Behavior Upon Resume

27. Extract exceptions used in forms to standalone classes

28. YamlUtil InputStream load methods changed to accept TriFunction that returns Composer implementation

29. FormUtils.validateNamespace() logic moved to standalone class NamespaceValidator

30. PG-DDL inline created table are having string data type for all columns

31. Oracle as a target results in exception when source isn't also Oracle

32. SQL Server to Oracle DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP cannot be translated

33. Fix Databricks connection URL, when the password contains special characters

34. Fix Oracle source CDC for inserting rowid datatype

35. Add Minio support

36. Fix NPE in MysqlRealtimeExtractorForm due to binLogIdleTimeoutS

37. Db2 luw decfloat result in parsing issue

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