Arcion Self-hosted

Major Release

May 26, 2023

-  Fix NPE in test-connection for S3

- Fix Databricks partition pruning

- Kafka test connection mode support

- Null Applier throws error on realtime resume

- Add delta snapshot support for Snowflake

- Handling special values like nan,inf,-inf for floating point datatypes

- Fixing IRDecimal isNumericConvertible function

- Fixed range issue for Number(38,0) datatype for Snowflake

- Fixed crashes when running with reinit

- Fixed crash when creating table for very large varchar size

- Error when inserting row from Oracle to BigQuery.

- Npe when replicating from MySQL to BigQuery

- MySQL to Snowflake snapshot creates tables def and uploads data to stage but the actual.

- Error changing datatype

- BigQuery test connection and fetch schema do not work username password are required

- Inline ddl error for table addition

- Postgres inline created table data not getting replicated

- Inline ddl table drop throws error

- Kafka as target fixes

- Fix alter column sql for PG target

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