Arcion Self-hosted

Major Release

June 13, 2023

- Db2/Kafka to S2(XA) - Messages are replayed on all targets when a node is brought back online

- DB2 Kafka IIDR -> S2 XA Issue with kafka re-distributing messages

- Publish remaining logs to cloudLogger

- Make Oracle native reader multi-threaded

- MySQL split key hint should cover all values besides specified range

- For SQL Server, ensure all permissions are required for snapshot

- Log query when an error is returned from Oracle

- The encrypt-config command throws an NPE

- Support PDB Connections

- Modify replicant SQL Server log extractor to parse .TDS files directly to operations

- Test and Document SSL connection to MySQL

- Adding support for rollback and transactional store for ASE

- Notification was not sent on connection interuptions from server

- Support Kryo format for CDC opers

- Implement custom S3OutputStream and use it for CDC log segment generation

- Replication crashes if mapping used with tables which have FKs

- Improve Kerberos implementation

- Disallow retry and remove duplicate record check

- Improve applier cursor cache

- Have aggregate operations count in new relic

- Ability to have custom table properties while creating a table in Databricks

- Fix race condition in Oracle native reader

- Oracle native reader inserts are not properly formed

- DB2 realtime support for >>= <<= in transformation

- PostgreSQL Stream connection drops randomly

- Reverted a fix for S3 testConnection mode by accident

- Add thenString support to lt/gt transformation options

- Update extractor-governor config name in code to match with yaml/json config file

- Add thenString Snapshot Support for Native Transform

- Fix adding additional col in realtime mode and change default

- MySQL bin log fetching improvement

- Support KRYO serialization format for LOBs by de/serializing IRLobV instance

- Fixed a parsing error in SQL Server unicode string parsing

- Set the default for fetchExactRowCount to false

- Fix null value handling for memsql/singlestore

- Kafka as target - Fix NPE while replaying delete with shardkey

- Fix for the Oracle logminer extractor where comments in DDL were causing an exception

- Kafka offset logging improvements

- Add max-poll-records and max-poll-interval-ms to kafka config

- with the oracle native log reader extractor nchar nvarchar2 and nclob fail when sent to target

- BigQuery does not supports addconstraint oper

- Kafka as target: Ignore per table num-shards setting if replay-consistency is GLOBAL

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