Arcion Self-hosted

Major Release

July 17, 2023

Fixes included:

- Oracle: Oracle native reader not parsing the log properly when target isn't Oracle also2.

-Oracle: Oracle XMLType not working in native log reader3.

- Oracle: Oracle XML type not mapped properly for PostgreSQL4.

- Oracle: TIMESTAMP with time zone not mapped properly to postgreSQL timestamp with time zone5.

- Oracle: Oracle native reader shouldn't add a + for positive intervals, it's implied6.

- Oracle: Oracle null rowid columns cause snapshot to fail with an NPE7.

- DB2: Db2/IIDR/Kafka Sticky Assignor8.

- Oracle: Support IOT for Oracle native log reader9.

- Snowflake: Error Handling - Snowflake Target10.

- All: Propagate exception in Extractor and Applier call methods11.

- PostgreSQL: Support PG to PG inline DDL replication with all native data types12.

- MySQL: New feature to do idempotent transactions prior to real-time timestamp13.

- SQLServer: Enabling new extractor type for SQLServer14.

- PostgreSQL: PG to Kafka support partitioning table DDLs15.

- Kafka: Support  Azure Event Hubs for Apache Kafka16.

- CockroachDB: Fix CockroachDB connection issues17.

- DB2: Have DB2 IIDR Kafka message create timestamp as a separate column in target18.

- All: Support all cursor types in the new serialization code19.

- Oracle: Return ALL pairs value if AfterImageFormat is ALL for a source20.

- Oracle: Oracle native reader throws an exception for a row where all values are null21.

- Oracle: Fix OracleUserExtractor exception handling22.

- PostgreSQL: Postgres stream realtime table creation missing data23.

- Teradata: Issue when having special character √ā in Teradata snapshot24.

- Oracle: Fix NPE when data object id is null25.

- Teradata: Add Teradata connection config client-charset for customer user charsets26.

- DB2: Db2 iSeries ddl support27.

- Databricks: ParquetWriter: Disable Parquet Writer console logging28.

- Oracle: Fixed an issue mapping the Oracle float datatype to targets other than Oracle29.

- Oracle: Sort and filter out unwanted columns from ColumnPairs for IOT INSERT30.

- Oracle: Implement IOT updates31.

- Oracle: Implement IOT deletes32.

- Oracle: Implement IOT multi inserts33.

- Oracle: Fix positioning issue with multi insert34.

- Oracle: Fix positioning issue for opcode version 1735.

- Oracle: Fix column positioning for IOT updates36:

- Oracle: Fix IOT multi inserts37.

- All: Core obfuscation is broken on latest develop.

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