Arcion Self-hosted

Major Release

August 4, 2023

- SINGLESTORE: cannot-load-null-or-0-into-auto-increment-columns-with-load-data.

- ALL: Add replicant command option to gracefully kill a job.

- Oracle: Fix bugs around Oracle upsert recovery.

- Oracle: Use data precision when creating float column.

- Sybase ASE: Allow Sybase ASE fetch internal to anything >= 1s, instead of 10s.

- Kafka: Use Committed Offsets Instead of Latest.

- Kafka: Print Kafka Offset Commit in debug log instead of verbose.

- DB2: Db2 IIDR Kafka Improve Committed Offset Handling.

- Oracle: Fix loading empty lob using Oracle Sqlldr.

- Oracle native reader: Support standby databases.

- DB2: Default to latest offset if committed unavailable.

- Oracle: Fixed a potential exception within an exception.

- CloudLogger: Enhancement during publishing pending logs.

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