Arcion Self-hosted

Major Release

September 14, 2023

Fixes included:

- BigQuery: Bigquery conditionally support upsert if table has PK/UK.2.

- All: Add Azure Key Vault support as an option for storing credentials.

- Oracle: Support oracle rac from native reader.

- PostgreSQL: PG auto-reinit executing DDL in loop.

- DB2: DB2 incorrect node specification results in at tech.replicant.db.DBReplicationManager.a(SourceFile:3167).

- NullStorage: Improve throughput of NULLSTORAGE destination.

- All: Make sure all configurations referenced (mapper, general, etc) and all parameters within a configuration are written to the log.

- PostgreSQL: Stabilizing Postgres to Databricks.

- All: Enable KRYO format in transaction store serialization.

- Oracle: Oracle to Postgres full replication causes errors.

- SQLServer:Add a new snapshot write mode that will snapshot to a temp table and then swap it for the live table.

- DB2: Db2 IIDR Kafka - Reconcile Cursor on Kafka Rebalance.

- All: Add fetchPK/UK/FK/Indexes to per-table config in snapshot extractor config.

- All: Upsert job range recovery automatically commits the job if recovery table already has it.

- All: Extend InternalSerializer support to all relevant IOperation implementations.

- All: Merge Operation with DBOperation abstract class and IOperation with IDBOperation interface.

- CockroachDB: Enable sybase and mysql to cockroach.

- DB2: Db2 IIDR Kafka - Prevent Skipping Kafka Commit.

- DB2: Suppress Transform Error Log Message.

- All: Change the heartbeat table to allow a single table for all replication jobs.

- All: Add an option to rotate the trace file based on size as well as time.

- Oracle: Enable full replication for Oracle PDBs.

- All: Change the console to include the version and replication ID.

- PostgreSQL: Snapshot not extracting by parent table(partitioned table).

- MySQL:MySQLConnConfigForm not calling super in validate method.

- SQLServer:Replication error while testing of large datatypes i.e, VARCHAR(MAX) and NVARCHAR(MAX) from SQLServer to Postgresql.

- SQLServer: Issue with datetime2 datatype of sqlserver when tested on SQLServer to Singlestore pipeline.

- SQLServer: Use seperate extractorId for each table in sqlserver CDC mode.

- Cassandra: IllegalStateException of MVStore, due to race condition.

- Oracle: Oracle to pg devault value for timestamp.

- Oracle: Fix oracle sqlloader on 23.07.32.

- DB2: Log if XA Batch takes longer than 60 seconds.

- BigQuery: BQ default storage type.

- All: Improve security of OFFLINE licenses.

- Databricks: Minor improvement and Unit testing for DatabricksUrl parsing.

- Oracle: Fix ctor for cdb-connection.

- DB2: DB2 Kafka - User Configurable AUTO_OFFSET_RESET_CONFIG.

- DB2: DB2 IIDR Kafka - Prevent Applying Messages from Revoked Partitions.

- DB2: ClassCastException when Postgresql is used as Destination.

- SAP ASE: OFFLINE Sybase ASE licenses throw an exception.

- PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL SSL connections with host verification off should not verify the CA.

- All: Support AWS SM cross account access.

- MySQL:Mysql to oracle external tables fails on YCSB data.

- All: Improve/fix IRLobV serialization and add unit-tests for IRValue hierarchy.

- DB2: DB2 IIDR Kafka to S2 - Fix Mismatch After Skipping Messages From Revoked Partitions.

- DB2: DB2 LUW CI/CD tests are failing.

- DB2: Update all partitions during reconcile.

- DB2: Cursor Reconcile Breaks XA Catchup.

- DB2: Allow reconciling in any xa state if not in resume mode.

- Teradata: Fix Teradata offline licenses.

- Oracle: Oracle RAC Fix null pointer exception in CDB connection.

- All: Fix error propagation in AsyncCustomSerializer and support Update with different set/where column set.

- Oracle: Oracle Log Reader ASM: Handle missing file type info of ASM archive logs.

- DB2: Exit Replicant if SingleStore Online Leaf Count Changes.

- All: NPE if general config is not specified.

- All: Split the replicant-core to replicant-core project & replicant-core-common.

- Databricks: Fix Databricks DBFS staging.

- DB2: Support basic authentication for Kafka schema registry.

- MySQL: Old MySQL Server ID being grabbed for cursor movement.

- Oracle: Oracle to mysql: DUplicate PK error in TPCC benchmark run.

- MySQL: MySQL ssl validation fails even if SSL is not used.

- MySQL: Mysql SSL enable property check can throw null pointer exception if enable not provided.

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