Arcion On-Premises UI

On-premises UI April 2023 Release

May 9, 2023

Main feature updates:

- BigQuery pipeline

- Kafka pipeline

- Confluent pipeline- /dev/null destination support

- Databricks Lakehouse UI rework & Azure/S3 support

Detail fixes:

- Pipeline destination - BigQuery

- Pipeline destination - Kafka

- Pipeline destination - Confluent

- Support /dev/null destination for extractor performance testing

- Allow download of full Replicant trace log

- Allow disabling IPv6 in container

- Cannot save YugabyteSQL applier

- Disable role creation as default for all replication

- Configuration edit not working properly

- Missing restart for finished replications

- Oracle to Big Query Fails due to connection issue

- Google Big Query Applier - Replay Strategy Not Being Recorded

- Query reply-strategy not being printed

- PostgreSQL default port listed as hostname

- Oracle Applier unable to save

- Oracle roles still being fetched even when unchecked in extractor

- Cloud wording on front screen

- Catalog name undefined in the per table target configuration

- Pre-populate default port for all connectors

- Add IN_MEMORY_MERGE applier support

- Add ability to skip row counts to extractor

- Update connection with unsaved changes on test

- Databricks applier - save-file-on-error - default to false

- Add maxFilesPerBulkLoad to applier

- Add Azure and S3 support to Lakehouse

- Realtime replication mode support + MySQL cursor support

- Connector list - alphabetical sort

- MySQL extractor - expose idleBinLogTimeoutSeconds in realtime

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