Arcion On-Premises UI

On-premises UI July 2023 Release

August 15, 2023
Screenshot of all available targets in July 2023 release

- Pipeline destination - AlloyDB

- Pipeline destination - Google CloudSQL

- Actions are taking many times longer to execute than in past releases

- Lag - time is different than individual tables

- Forced PostgreSQL replication slot

- Forward fetch-schema trace log to UI in case of Core error

- New Connector Added to UI - AlloyDB

- Add support for new extractor field - fetchIdentityInfo

- Oracle destination support for Informix

- Mysql to MinIO snapshot with mapper results in mapper parse error

- Sybase - SSL support

- Add snapshot_summary.txt report to ZIP export

- Redis Stream - SSL support

- Support Transformation configuration YAML file upload

- MySQL as destination for Oracle

- Enable PG to BigQuery pipeline

- Changes to support CloudSQL MySQL as destination

- Changes to support CloudSQL PostgreSQL as destination

- Lazy loading schemas for filter

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