Arcion On-Premises UI

On-premises UI March 2023 Release

April 5, 2023

- Oracle to Oracle pipeline

- SQL Server CDC agent support

- Databricks Deltalake UI rework & Azure/DBFS support

- Whole SaaS stack migrated to Java 17

- Computed columns support for MySQL

- Forward test-connection trace log to UI in case of Core error

- Add Azure stage support to Databricks Delta Lake

- Missing ‘restart’ option for stopped replications

- Increase Replicant memory limit

- Update Sign In & Sign Up pages

- Hung on current screen (loading replication data)

- Connection details not opening

- Connection created successfully duplicated

- Replication statuses phasing in and out

- Connection test does not accurately represent what is needed for replication to succeed

- Databricks connection not working with or without stage

- Table filter search not working

- Schema not being refreshed after fetchSchema

- Update the current deadlock solution

- Fix tooltip overflow issues

- Update connection logo image files to fit to container box

- Generated columns support

- Applier BulkLoad charset support

- Increase maximum YAML schema input size

- Management service port issues on WSL2

- Snapshot applier additions - skip table failures and init indexes

- Enable APPENDING write mode in UI

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