data validation

Data mobility  does not end with replication. With a suite of data validation features and tools, Arcion ensures correct and consistent data in motion.

Data you can trust

Arcion places numerous checkpoints to eliminate any possibility of missing data and inconsistencies. But we’re not asking for a trust fall. Arcion comes with numerous data validation tools that automatically verify data so you can focus on what you do best.

Meet the Verificator

Verificator is an offline data validation tool, part of Arcion’s Data Validation suite. Verificator is based on Arcion’s own configuration files so once you’re set-up, no additional tinkering is required.
You can validate data through three main modes:

RowCount Mode

(Filtering Out Rows)

Checksum Mode

(Changing Column Values)

ColumnCheck Mode

Any inconsistencies found through any of these modes are reported in a Summary file that can be accessed through the local filesystem, NFS, or email.

Live Checker

The Live Checker is an online validation tool that enables you to validate the data in flight from the source to target. Live Checker, too, requires zero setup and is ready right out of the box.

Live Checker also supports data validation on replication pipelines from other data mobilization platforms.

Additional platform features

Complete data freedom between major enterprise data platforms


Low impact CDC

Enterprise grade security

Data Validation

Live monitoring

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