Arcion for Retail and eCommerce Data

Explore new possibilities with old data and deliver improved customer experiences through AI/ML capabilities and real-time data analytics.

Arcion unlocks a new world of smarter, AI-powered product recommendations, cross-platform data analytics, and ultra-personalized customer experience that will increase your business bottomline.

Real-time data migration and replication to drive the next era of retail and eCommerce experiences.

How can Arcion help?

Smarter product recommendations

Getting all of your data to one destination is only half the battle. For smarter recommendations, retail and eCommerce companies need data in real-time to make instant decisions.

Arcion delivers that and more with its real-time data pipelines capable of moving data from multiple sources to the target system that powers your recommendation engine at tremendous speed.

How can Arcion help?

Customer 360

Know your customers' next purchase before they do with new, smarter Customer 360 initiatives.

Move your data from disparate silos into a single target for increased visibility into your customer needs, enabled by more effective ML models that are trained with freshest data.

How can Arcion help?

Build customer trust

Protecting customer information is a top priority at Arcion and we achieve this through a series of security and compliance features

From data pipelines that encrypt data both in motion and at rest to meeting regulatory standards for our global customers. 

Why Arcion?

Leading retail companies choose Arcion - see why.

Real-time pipelines for real-time recommendations

AI/ML-based recommendation engines rely on getting a lot of fresh data, as soon as it is produced. Arcion helps achieve this objective through real-time data pipelines that move data from multiple sources to multiple targets. And with automated schema conversion, database type is no longer a factor that slows you down.

Multiple deployment models supported

To cater to different architectures in different organizations, Arcion supports on-prem, cloud, and hybrid deployment models for greater flexibility and future-proofing.

Zero-code UI

Developers and IT teams save hundreds of hours by removing the need to manually build and deploy pipelines. Arcion comes with an intuitive visual interface that enables you to create and manage data pipelines in minutes.

Support for the most used platforms in retail & eCommerce

Arcion fully supports enterprise databases from Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and other major providers as well as enterprise data platforms such as Databricks, Snowflake, and more.

Scalability, out-of-the-box

Retail and eCommerce companies enjoy unhindered scalability with Arcion’s cloud-native architecture. Built-in auto scaling removes the need for manual allocation of resources and configuration.

Scale your data operations with confidence knowing that Arcion can handle migrating and replicating terabytes of data every hour.

Zero-downtime data migrations

Uptime is crucial for business-critical B2C applications. Arcion’s high availability data pipelines and zero data loss architecture ensure zero-downtime data migrations and no loss of data in the case of a crash or failure.

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