Real-time data streaming at scale to Confluent

With native support in both Confluent Cloud and Confluent Platforms, Arcion can replicate petabyte-scale data from the most popular enterprise databases using log-based CDC in real time.

Why Arcion and Confluent?


Next-level performance and scalability

Transfer terabyte scale data from 18 enterprise data sources into Confluent with sub-second latency data pipelines for maximum throughput. Take advantage of an end-to-end multi-threaded Change Data Capture (CDC) solution that scales elastically as you need.


Guaranteed data consistency

Solve high-volume data replication challenges with a CDC solution that guarantees data consistency, zero data loss, and transactional integrity, all made possible with the built-in automatic data validation support.


No-Code pipelines in minutes

Set up data pipelines to Confluent in minutes using Arcion's no-code configurations. Fine-tune the data pipelines through CLI, API, or UI for effortless setup & maintenance.


Data security and compliance 

Transfer data securely and encrypted throughout its journey and in each stage of the pipeline. Arcion is both SOC 2 (type 1 & type 2), HIPAA, and PCI compliant. Simplify meeting data compliance and data pipeline security requirements for highly-regulated industries.

Native support for Confluent Platform and Confluent Cloud as targets

Databricks Partner Connect and Arcion
Databricks Partner Connect and Arcion
Connect Arcion to Confluent in a few simple steps.
Available to both Arcion Self-hosted and Arcion Cloud users.
High volume, high velocity, and high cardinality data transfers with zero data loss guarantees.
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Simplify access, storage, and data management of continuous, real-time replications

Unlock the full potential of data with Confluent and Arcion

Real-time data streaming. Worried about scale and performance in high volume data transfers? Arcion’s patent-pending CDC techniques make every single step within the pipeline multi-threaded, delivering ultra-low latency replication.

Zero data loss guarantee. Protect business critical data and ensure data migration and replication processes do not affect business continuity. Arcion’s CDC solution ensures data integrity at all times.

Arcion Change Data Capture CDC
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100% agentless CDC. Cut down maintenance and resource costs on third-party tools for data extraction and application. Arcion provides convenient and easy-to-use options through CLI and UI for a no-code approach to data migration to Confluent.

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