Real-time ultra-fast scalable analytics with SingleStore & Arcion

Leverage zero-maintenance data pipelines to unify data teams  with ease and at scale.

Streaming data pipelines for analytics and ML

Integrate your operational data from systems of records such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, and SaaS applications like Salesforce to SingleStore for analytics and ML workloads combined with your semi-structured and unstructured data.

Use Arcion’s change data capture (CDC) to ingest data into SingleStore  to easily keep it up to date.

Cloud-native solution

Reinforce your digital transformation with Arcion’s fully managed cloud service, Arcion Cloud (beta), to get the same high-performance pipelines, auto-scaling, and guaranteed data integrity but on the cloud.

Scalable performance

Arcion is designed around a distributed, scale-out architecture, capable of handling concurrent high volume and high-velocity data ingestion. Move data freely across your organization’s both on-prem and cloud data solutions from multiple sources to SingleStore for cost-effective, real-time, highly scalable data replication. Using high- speed connectors of Blitzz and ast ingestion capabilities of SingleStore, users can ingest massive amounts of real-time operational data and enable a new wave of real-time decision making.

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Deploy the only cloud-native data replication platform you’ll ever need. Get real-time, high-performance data pipelines today.

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