enterprise grade security

Security is our top priority and we reflect this with our robust security and privacy features as well as flexible auditing capabilities.

Arcion is designed to support the security, compliance, and privacy needs of modern enterprises.

Enterprise-grade security

Fortune 500 companies rely on Arcion not just for reliable, high-performance, and scalable data mobility. But also for its enterprise-grade security features and zero data loss architecture - capable of withstanding crashes and failures, irrespective of the cause.

Always encrypted

Your data is always encrypted from the moment it enters the Arcion platform and stays encrypted for the remainder of its stay, while it’s in motion and when it's at rest.

Automatic data masking

To protect sensitive data, Arcion offers automatic data masking through column masking which removes the need for any manual code.

Consistent logging, easy analysis, and flexible auditing

Arcion maintains comprehensive logs of all workloads that can be easily accessed from the platform itself and even through email.

Integrated with Splunk and Grafana for flexible, external auditing.

Additional platform features

Complete data freedom between major enterprise data platforms


Low impact CDC

Enterprise grade security

Data Validation

Live monitoring

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