Zero Downtime, Zero Risk Data Migration And Replication with Agentless Change Data Capture

Don’t let your data get left behind. With Arcion's zero-code data replication platform, you can easily conduct large-scale data migration from your legacy Sybase ASE databases to various modern target database platforms. Discover ultimate flexibility in your database migration, with zero downtime, guaranteed accuracy, and automatic schema conversion.

Dump & Load vs. Parallel Deployment With Arcion

Dump & Load

Massive downtime

Potential rollbacks

No fail back

If goes wrong, revert back requires data re-consolidations

No time to develop new features

Negative impact on revenue

Parallel Deployment With Arcion CDC

Zero downtime (Snapshot + continuous CDC)

Low latency data replication

Zero to minimum performance impact

Allow time develop new features on target database

Guaranteed data consistency

Terabyte-level scalability

Ability to repair & replay

Automatic schema conversions & DDL changes

Enable bi-directional replication with ease


Reduced Risk For Migration Projects

Once the snapshot is loaded onto the target platform, Arcion's CDC ensures all changes to the source database are also synced as the migration is happening. SAP Sybase ASE can stay live while the new, modern platform stays up to date. Decommission SAP ASE instances with confidence and data integrity can be ensured.


Minimize Downtime & Errors With Incremental Migration

Augment the capabilities of your existing SAP ASE servers by creating read-only replicas or implementing bi-directional CDC with Arcion. By creating a system-of-record and a system-of-access approach, you can reduce the load of reads on the SAP ASE database and easily sunset it, if needed. 


Lowered Cost & Complexity With Automatic Schema Conversion

Manually mapping data from source to target systems is costly and prone to errors. Arcion automatically converts schemas and tables from Sybase ASE to work with target databases like SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Yugabyte. Any schema changes on the source database that occur during the migration will be automatically updated on the target database.

Two use cases. One platform.

Every business and technical roadmap is different. Depending on how you need to migrate, Arcion can support each strategy with flexibility and scalability.


Migrate legacy SAP ASE databases without downtime and risk

Perform zero-downtime migrations using Arcion’s end-to-end CDC platform to move data onto modern database platforms. Keep SAP ASE and the new platforms in sync until SAP ASE can be decommissioned without any dependency. Using automated schema conversions and bi-driectional CDC, business can continue as usual without disruption or lost revenue. 

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Extend the life of SAP ASE systems by offloading read-only operations

Arcion’s scalable high-volume data replication enables offloading read operations to target databases running as read-only replicas. This can free up server capacity, increasing performance and extending the life of legacy SAP ASE systems.

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