The benefits of efficient transformations  begin with faster analytics and extend all the way to your business’s bottom line.

Arcion removes the mundane work and saves countless hours by automating manual workflows and streamlining the data analytics process.

Extract, load, and transform

Load first, transform later… and ask questions never?

Arcion is an ELT platform that transforms data once it’s loaded into the target data platform. Arcion supports numerous types of transformations including:

Row-level Transformations

(Filtering Out Rows)

Column-level Transformations

(Changing Column Values)

Advanced SQL Transformations

Integration with dbt Transformations*

*coming soon

Enjoy the best of every world

Move data from relational, SQL-based systems like Oracle or Postgres to NoSQL-based systems like MongoDB or Cassandra- or the other way around, it’s all possible with Arcion’s interoperability of schemas.

Explore the full extent of Arcion’s interoperability across heterogeneous data platforms.

Nested to normalized

Say bye to manual workloads by automating the process of generating relational and normalized schemas for input nested data.

In a single click, transform data stored in NoSQL platforms like MongoDB to relational data analytics platforms like Databricks or Snowflake as Arcion automatically generates normalized tables.

Eliminate redundancies with easy denormalization

Arcion improves read performance by automatically denormalizing multiple (interlinked) source tables into a single table in the target database.

No code is the common denominator

Once defined, automated data transformations enable Arcion to consistently deliver clean data for faster analytics as well as significant time savings and increased productivity. 

Additional platform features

Complete data freedom between major enterprise data platforms


Low impact CDC

Enterprise grade security

Data Validation

Live monitoring

See Arcion In Action

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