See Why We Believe the Future of Database Replication is CDC-Based

Batch-based replication moves data in timed intervals, resulting in slow and often outdated analytics.

Real-time replication to support real-time use cases

Arcion supports real-time replication that enables enterprises to replicate and stream data to power real-time applications with no data loss and next-gen fault tolerance.

Most enterprises replicate data but do so using outdated and inefficient batch processes. Arcion’s highly scalable and distributed architecture enables faster and more reliable data replication - creating a very real advantage over competitors.

Same data, more value

With Arcion, enterprises get high volume and highly concurrent data replication that enables them to extract the maximum value out of everyday data. Begin replicating data in minutes to support modern real-time use cases.

Support real-time application development

Bypass the development limitations of traditional databases with Arcion. Take advantage of modern databases for real-time applications that are faster to build and easier to maintain.

Available when you need it

Reliable data replication has a direct impact on disaster recovery strategies. Arcion gives you the confidence to gracefully handle catastrophic events through a zero-loss architecture to mitigate damage and real-time data replication to restore systems as soon as possible.

Better performance

Arcion is 5x faster than other data mobility platforms, enabling enterprises to transfer up to 2 terabytes of data per hour. Support across a wide range of regions and availability zones ensures the best latency possible for mission-critical applications.

Freedom of connectivity

Arcion offers users a growing library of over 20 connectors, offering smooth data connectivity and support for all modern enterprise databases, warehouses, and cloud platforms.

Scale your enterprise data with Arcion

Arcion is designed to tackle the modern replication requirements of growing enterprises, using a cloud-native approach to offer enterprise-grade scalability, performance, and data integrity.

Performant, scalable replication from the get-go

Arcion automatically scales to handle concurrent high volume and high-velocity data replication from multiple sources to multiple destinations without compromising on data integrity. Arcion’s parallel and distributed architecture enables it to automatically scale up and down as data volume changes based on business needs.

Always synced up and ready to go

Arcion offers a highly parallel initial data load by default. Arcion takes care of conversions, eliminating the need for manual table creation and mapping, irrespective of platform or data, freeing up significant resources in the process.

Additionally, automatic synchronization ensures your schemas and tables stay up-to-date if your source table schemas change.

Multiple replication modes

Arcion embraces the challenge of supporting a wide range of use-cases for enterprises, granting massive flexibility with a focus on performance.

To fully cover your business's every need, Arcion provides three different replication modes:

- Log-based
- Delta-based
- Checksum-based replication

Additional replication parameters allow you to fine-tune Arcion precisely to your exact needs.

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