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Arcion Webinar Series

Migrating Oracle and MySQL to SingleStoreDB with Arcion Cloud

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May 24, 2022
10:00 am
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Traditional databases no longer scale to the demands of modern data-intensive applications. More and more modern data applications are being migrated to the Cloud powered by a modern distributed relational database such as SingleStore.

However, migrating and replicating databases from traditional data engines such as Oracle, MySQL, etc. to a modern data platform like SingleStoreDB can no longer be done with legacy batch pipelines, which incur downtime and huge processing costs. Cloud database migration requires a zero-downtime approach, which is possible only with a streaming data pipeline powered by change data capture (CDC).


Streaming data pipelines, enabled by real-time change data capture (CDC), can continuously transfer new and changed data into SingleStore, which increases efficiency, scalability, and performance compared with legacy batch pipelines. Such pipelines need to be easy to set up, easy to maintain, scale and auto-recoverable.


Join us for a webinar with SingleStore, on how easy it is to migrate and replicate transactional data from Oracle and MySQL into SingleStoreDB Cloud with just a few clicks.



  • The role of Change Data Capture in migrations and ongoing updates
  • Must-have elements for effective CDC
  • Benefits and use cases for Arcion Cloud
  • A demo of real-time CDC with Arcion Cloud from Oracle to SingleStore Cloud
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Meet the speakers

Rajkumar Sen
Chief Technology Officer @ Arcion Labs

Before shaping the only cloud-native, CDC-based data mobility platform at Arcion Labs, Raj was a Director of Engineering at SingleStore (prev. MemSQL). Where he architected the query optimizer and the distributed query processing engine.

Manish Kumar
Sr. Product Manager @SingleStore

SingleStore is industry’s first modern relational database for multi-cloud, hybrid and on-premises — bringing you speed, scale and immediate insights.


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Arcion Webinar Series
Arcion Webinar Series

Migrating Oracle and MySQL to SingleStoreDB with Arcion Cloud

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