See How Arcion Enables You to Achieve Real Time Analytics Faster

Slow data results in slower decisions

A data-driven business cannot rely on batch jobs, ETL tools, and monolithic systems to stay ahead. Having brittle connections and slow data pipelines in today’s competitive landscape means you lose visibility and valuable time. Real-time analytics is the solution.

Arcion enables consistent, reliable, and scalable movement of data across your applications, databases, cloud data lakes, and analytics platforms in real-time.

Efficient architectures accelerate business

Arcion’s parallel and distributed architecture helps accelerate your business through faster, reliable, and scalable data so you never have to wait around.

From reactive to proactive

Cut down the time between data creation and data analysis with real-time, high-volume data pipelines.

With Arcion’s high-performance and high-volume streaming capabilities, data can be processed and transmitted as soon as it is generated. Having the ability to move data in real-time expands your visibility, helping you become proactive towards new market trends instead of reactive.

Fresh data is the key ingredient

Fresh data is the key ingredient in maintaining visibility and making the right decisions, on time.

Traditional batch-style processing of data is slow and leads to decision-making based on stale information. Real-time analytics becomes especially non-negotiable in time-sensitive scenarios such as a cyber-threat or trade execution where the immediacy of action is required.

Leverage real-time BI to stay ahead

Empower your predictions with real-time business intelligence.

AI/ML solutions can be powered directly from real-time data streams, generating predictions as and when required. Predictions can also be delivered to end-users in real-time, enabling automated intelligent decision-making.

See more while doing less

High bandwidth data pipelines enable you to put terabytes of data to use as soon as it is produced for a range of activities such as driving Artificial Intelligence (AI) models, informing business decisions, and more.

Additionally, Arcion helps enterprises optimize resources by removing the burden of large, repeatable tasks from end-users and freeing them up for core business activities.

How can Arcion help?

Arcion is the only cloud-native platform that enables businesses to replicate data securely from on-prem databases to the cloud in real-time, empowering real-time analytics solutions to be fully realized.

Multi Deployment Model

Arcion supports on-prem, cloud, and hybrid deployment models for maximum flexibility. Every organization's architecture is different and Arcion provides the backend that supports a wide variety of deployment types.


Dealing with large and growing datasets is what Arcion was built and optimized for. Easily scale your data operations with confidence knowing that Arcion can handle migrating and replicating even the largest of datasets.

Low Latency

A core requirement for real-time analytics is low data latency. Arcion instantly delivers data by utilizing enterprise-grade Change Data Capture (CDC) technology to ensure ultra-low data latency. CDC also ensures nearly zero load on source systems, even with multiple replication jobs running at the same time.

Use Cases

Leverage all of your data, all the time by unifying siloed data from legacy systems and migrating it to a deployment model that fits your business requirements.

Cyber-security Analytics

Arcion enables fraud detection in one of the biggest credit card companies by streaming analytical data from 3 data sources. 200 million events, every 24 hours.

Addressing cyber threats relies on being first. Legacy systems are too slow to tackle modern cybersecurity challenges, especially in enterprises that process large volumes of data every day to detect unusual activity. The most familiar application would be transaction classification systems in banks, where every transaction is analyzed for authenticity in real-time.

Arcion delivers terabytes of data to the sophisticated AI-driven fraud prevention software at the core of these cybersecurity systems. From internal threat intelligence systems to financial institutions that sniff out theft from billions of event log files collected daily via in-house security information and event management software - Arcion instantly delivers data everywhere.

Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Enterprises can refine their supply chains and improve the movement of goods with real-time analytics. Get increased visibility into the market by unifying data sources - every day, without fail.

Fleets of delivery vehicles are routinely logged and measured via a central command function, to constantly provide insights into the status of drivers and cargo at any time. This optimized the logistics side of the supply chain and ensured efficient rerouting. Customer trust is also built on up-to-date delivery tracking and timely notifications.

Arcion makes all of this possible by instantly making data queryable with real-time data capture, processing, and transmission.

Enhanced Customer View

Arcion consolidates data from 10 different sources to a single target analytics platform - ensuring that one of America’s biggest banks can protect customers through real-time fraud analytics.

Financial Services need real-time analytics for an enhanced customer view that provides an accurate representation of their current circumstances and behaviors. An up-to-date picture of a customer offers many benefits and opportunities to a financial institution, helping to form stronger client relationships in the process.

From tracking customer activity on different data platforms to predicting customer needs and wants - real-time analytics with Arcion makes it all possible.

Preventative Maintainence

Modern machinery comes with hundreds of sensors that relay a myriad of information from system health to performance information. For some enterprises, this can amount to millions of data points each day across thousands of devices. However, failures can materialize quickly over a short period of time, requiring data points to be processed and delivered in real-time to offer maximal prevention opportunities.

Preventative maintenance can be achieved through ML solutions, the difficult part is getting access to data and features in a timely fashion. With Arcion’s real-time data streaming, this becomes possible. Enabling you to spot faults or worse, potential machine failures ahead of time.

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